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1, does not link to a reactionary, pornographic, gambling and other undesirable content or provide links to sites inappropriate content, and site name or content in violation of state policies and regulations related to the site;

2, does not link contains a virus, trojan, or malicious pop-up plug-in settings to change someone else's computer Web site, and a number of pop ads website;

3, not the actual content of linked websites and does not match the name of the site, such as Guizhan is under construction or not yet a clear theme of the website, please do not present your application, you are welcome to apply after construction is completed in Guizhan;

4, does not link to non-top-level domain, linked to other sites, no actual content, only domain names point to only a single page website or the content of the site;

5, under normal circumstances does not link to the website can not be accessed;

6, Note: submit an application link to this site before you do, or not passed.